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New book brings pro-life movement alive for children

A new children’s book has been launched which educates children about the value of every human life, in and out of the womb, planned or unplanned.

Pro-Life Kids is a rhyming picture book and helpful resource which can be used by anyone looking to share an age-appropriate pro-life worldview to children.

This concept is conveyed clearly by author Bethany Bomberger and illustrated beautifully by Ed Koehler, including children of all races and abilities.

The 52-page book, created primarily for children aged 4-10, does contain references to some potentially upsetting situations when some humans have not been recognised as persons, like the Holocaust and slavery.

An excerpt from the book explains those times and the underlying beliefs that led to the killing and mistreatment of people.

“Throughout history, many believed a lie,” the book reads, as it shows an illustration of a slave owner whipping black slaves.

“You are not a person,” says the next page as it shows an illustration of a Nazi officer pointing at Jews in a concentration camp.

“Today many think the lie is still true — that babies in wombs aren’t people too,” Bomberger follows on the next page. “Abortion is when some people say it’s okay to take that baby’s precious life away.”

The response to the book, which has already sold out and is on its second print run, has been positive, with endorsements from leading pro-life campaigners.

Dr Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King Jr, said: “You’ll love this book; it’s creative, courageous and compassionate as it encourages young children to see the equal value of every human life, in and out of the womb.”

Abby Johnson, former abortion clinic director at Planned Parenthood, says: “If we are serious about ending abortion and making it unthinkable, then we must start by educating our children about the sanctity of human life at an early age… Our kids need to know that life is beautiful, abortion is unacceptable, and that they have a powerful voice in our society. This book will help you and them find their voice.”

Pro-Life Kids is available direct from the book’s website and Amazon.

A spokesperson for Right To Life UK said:

“Society relentlessly targets our children with pro-abortion propaganda which de-values the worth of human life and hides the reality of abortion.

“Every life, whether planned or unplanned, born or unborn, is unique and unrepeatable. It’s great to see a pro-life book that brings the pro-life movement alive for children.”

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MPs will shortly vote on proposed changes to the law, brought forward by Labour MPs Stella Creasy and Diana Johnson, that would introduce the biggest change to our abortion laws since the Abortion Act was introduced in 1967.

These proposed changes to the law would make it more likely that healthy babies are aborted at home for any reason, including sex-selective purposes, up to birth.

Polling undertaken by ComRes, shows that only 1% of women support introducing abortion up to birth and that 91% of women agree that sex-selective abortion should be explicitly banned by the law.

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