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Media and Communications Training Programme

Are you passionately pro-life, media savvy and have an interest in speaking on life issues in the media?

Apply here to attend our Media and Communications Training Programme. The course is for strongly motivated people who want to play a part in effectively presenting the pro-life view to large audiences, through media interviews with mainstream media outlets.

Our programme provides participants with an understanding of key pro-life issues and the ability to communicate these issues in the media. The aim of our training is to equip participants with the necessary skills and techniques to deliver strong interviews, control difficult and hostile questions and to deliver an authentic perspective on life issues. 

With drastic changes to abortion legislation likely being brought forward shortly, it is shaping up to be the biggest year on this issue since the Abortion Act was passed in 1967. All applicants should be prepared and ready to be available to front media interviews.

We are looking for people from a diverse range of backgrounds. In particular, if you have a personal story that relates to this issue or work in a field such as medicine, law etc where you could bring your experience and knowledge to speaking on this issue in the media, we do encourage you to apply.

We recommend setting-up the answers to the following questions in a separate document before so that you have a copy on file of these in case there are any technical issues when submitting.

    Help stop abortion up to birth for babies with disabilities including Down's syndrome & club foot


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    Dear reader

    In 2020, the UK Government imposed an extreme abortion regime on Northern Ireland, which included a provision that legalised abortion right up to birth for disabilties including Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and club foot.

    A new Bill has been launched at the Northern Ireland assembly that will remove the current provision that allows abortion for ‘severe fetal impairment’.

    It is under these grounds in the regulations that babies with disabilities including Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and club foot can currently be singled out for abortion in Northern Ireland because of their disability and can be aborted right up to birth.

    Before the new abortion regime was imposed on Northern Ireland in 2020, disability-selective abortion for conditions such as Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and club foot was not legal and there was a culture of welcoming and supporting people with these disabilities rather than eliminating them.

    This is reflected directly in the latest figures (2016) from the Department of Health in Northern Ireland, which show that while there were 52 children born with Down’s syndrome in Northern Ireland, in the same year only 1 child from Northern Ireland with Down’s syndrome was aborted in England and Wales. 

    This contrasts with the situation in the rest of the United Kingdom where disability-selective abortion has been legal since 1967.

    The latest available figures show that 90% of children diagnosed with Down’s syndrome before birth are aborted in England and Wales.

    We are, therefore, asking people like you to take 30 seconds of your time and add your support to the campaign to stop abortion up to birth for disabilities including Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and club foot in Northern Ireland.

    If you live in Northern Ireland: 
    Ask your MLAs to vote to stop abortion up to birth for disabilities including Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and club foot:

    If you live outside Northern Ireland: 
    Show your support by signing this petition in support of the Bill:

    Help stop abortion up to birth for babies with disabilities including Down's syndrome & club foot