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Help save lives

with your gift today

In 2021 we will be facing major threats on not one but three separate fronts.

Please give as generously as you can to ensure we can stop these extreme proposals from becoming law in 2021. The abortion lobby can only be stopped with your help.


Please email info@righttolife.org.uk if you have any questions

Give with confidence

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Other ways to give:

Thanks to the support from people like you, last year a major attempt to hijack the UK Government’s flagship Domestic Abuse Bill with two extreme abortion proposals failed, in a major pro-life victory.

Unfortunately, this is not the end for our opposition.


In 2021 we will be facing major threats on not one but three separate fronts. 

1 The abortion lobby are expected to further exploit the COVID-19 crisis to make dangerous ‘DIY home abortions available permanently.

2 The abortion lobby are expected to make another attempt to change abortion law to allow abortion on demand, for any reason, up to birth.

3 The assisted suicide lobby are expected to attempt to change the law to introduce assisted suicide.

If these three major threats from our opposition are successful, it would be a disaster. Thousands of lives would be lost. We can’t sit on the sidelines and watch these extreme anti-life changes become a reality.


Our campaign to defeat the abortion lobby in 2020 was the largest we have ever run. 2021 will see us fighting on not just one, but three separate fronts, so this initiative will be much larger.

The initiative will be focused on three key areas:

Parliament – As MPs and peers will ultimately be deciding if these proposals are to go ahead, we will be speaking directly with as many MPs and peers as possible, with persuasive messaging on the serious problems with these proposals, and we will educate them on positive pro-life alternatives.

Media – These proposals can only be defeated in Parliament if it is clear to MPs and peers that the wider culture is against these drastic changes. A key part of ensuring this is to place as many sensible pro-life voices in the mainstream media in 2021. We will be training up a large group of spokespeople from a variety of backgrounds who will regularly speak against the proposals in the media.

Grassroots – We now have a very large grassroots pro-life network in constituencies throughout the UK, but to defeat these threats we will need many more people onboard. We will be working to build an even larger grassroots movement of people who will constantly be making it clear to their MPs that they should oppose these dangerous proposals. This will be joined by a strong digital component that will be utilising our digital team’s experience to change the hearts and minds of a new generation online. The initiative will reach millions of people, utilising cutting-edge video, motion graphics and effectively telling the stories of those who will be most negatively impacted by these changes.


Support from people like you has meant that we have been able to have a very large impact over the last year. With your help, in 2021 we can be even more impactful – we can save even more lives.

This work will, however, make a huge dent in Right To Life UK’s limited resources. 

We are, therefore, appealing to you to please give as generously as you can. Every donation, no matter how small, will go towards saving the lives of the unborn and many others.

Your support makes a significant difference

Here are some of the results we are already achieving thanks to generous donations from people like you

Assisted suicide Bill defeat
Assist us to live not die

of the Marris assisted suicide bill

Working alongside a large group of MPs, Peers and other organisations, we provided strategy, media and digital support for one of the largest co-ordinated pro-life campaigns waged in the UK.

This ended in a decisive and, arguably, the largest win for the right-to-life movement in UK history.

We have taken the strategic, media and digital expertise that we built up from working with a large group of allies to defeat the Marris assisted suicide bill, to continue to ensure assisted suicide is not legalised.

The decisive win has meant that it has been difficult for the assisted suicide lobby to bring forward legislation on this issue. They have therefore been working quietly behind the scenes to try and grow their numbers ahead of another attempt to change the law. During 2020 we have focused on defensive work in Westminster to help limit their advance.

We have also faced an onslaught of activity from the assisted suicide lobby targeting the Royal Colleges, British Medical Association etc. to attempt to get them to drop their opposition to assisted suicide. This tactic is being used as it will make it easier for the assisted suicide lobby to pass legislation introducing assisted suicide if it does not face opposition from the medical establishment. We have been working with allied organisations to block these attempts.

In 2021, we expect the assisted suicide lobby to make a new attempt to introduce assisted suicide and continue their work to move the Royal Colleges from their current stance of opposing assisted suicide. We will be working hard to oppose them at every step along the way and will need your help with contacting MPs and other activities.

on life issues
We have attempted, wherever possible, to have an important influence on the media narrative on life issues.

While this can often be difficult, with much of the media hostile to the right-to-life point of view, there are a number of key areas where we have the upper-hand in terms of public support. We have been able to target these vital areas to shape the debate towards a broader recognition of the right to life of the unborn child.

Recently, this has seen us feature in over 600 print and broadcast media pieces. In particular, we were able to gain momentum around three key areas. The first was the Marris Assisted Suicide Bill; this presented an opportunity to bring to light the strong evidence against the introduction of assisted suicide and euthanasia in the United Kingdom.

Secondly, we combated the move by Cathy Warwick, chief executive of the Royal College of Midwives, to sign up her College to a campaign supporting the introduction of abortion on demand, for any reason, up-to-birth. This was far out of step with public attitudes on abortion and we were able to leverage this to show the dangers of abortion ‘decriminalisation’. Cathy Warwick announced her retirement last year.

Finally, abortion for disability has been an area that has resulted in much media coverage due to the introduction of a new pre-natal test. This test is projected to result in a profound increase in the number of abortions of unborn children with Down’s syndrome.

With 90% of unborn children detected with Down’s syndrome currently aborted in the UK, this is already a big problem. The controversy around the tests enabled us to have a wider conversation around disability-selective abortion.

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Building a better political situation for the unborn child and pregnant women

Through our work to educate politicians on life issues, we are helping to build a better political situation for the unborn child and pregnant women.

We provide research for individual MPs and Peers in Parliament. Ongoing work includes developing briefings, building relationships with new parliamentarians and preparing any other research required by MPs and peers. We also provide media and political monitoring and a number of other activities to ensure that life issues stay on the agenda in Parliament, the media and in regions right across the UK.

Through this work, we aim to gain momentum by continuing to actively direct discussion on these topics.

to develop a new generation of pro-lifers
We are working to develop a new generation of pro-lifers who are equipped to effectively communicate an evidence-based case for positive change on life issues.

Our Media and Communications Training Programme has provided a new generation of pro-lifers with an understanding of key pro-life issues and the ability to communicate these issues in the media. The programme equips participants with the necessary skills and techniques to deliver strong interviews, control difficult and hostile questions and to deliver an authentic perspective on life issues.

Our Internship Programme is introducing student right-to-lifers and new graduates to the world of the right-to-life movement and its work across the media, politics, education and grassroots engagement. Graduates of our programme have gone on to a number of important roles in a variety of sectors.

Together with our wider digital outreach, these programmes work to enable us to educate and develop a new movement of young people who are passionate about achieving positive change on life issues.

Right to Life UK Education and training

You can save lives
with your gift today

featured video
About digital strategy changing hearts and minds 1
Digital strategy
Changing hearts and minds online

We have worked on growing our digital strategy to reach an even larger audience with smart, relevant, and viral-focused content.

Our social media channels across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and TikTok have reached a new generation of people on a massive scale allowing us to reach tens of millions of people across these platforms.

We have further built our in-house capability to produce TV advert quality videos in addition to other world-class digital content and campaign memes – all of this has been produced in-house for a fraction of the cost of hiring leading agencies.

Alongside our social media strategy, we have further developed our website with a focus on making it the go-to tool that any member of the public can use to easily contact their MPs and access the latest information on life issues.

Europe’s largest pro-life news service
About Laptop
keeping people up to date on the latest developments on life issues

Our website is most viewed pro-life website in Europe and the fourth most viewed pro-life website in the world – at the core of the website is our digital news service.

This news service has been launched so that we can reach a far wider audience of people with UK focussed, pro-life news that will keep people informed and help change even more hearts and minds on life issues.

We have designed the platform from the ground up so that is easily viewable across desktop, mobile and tablet, as increasing numbers of people are accessing content on their mobile phones and tablet devices. Our team have also put a lot of work into designing a look and feel for the service that is of professional standard similar to what you would expect to see from a major news outlet.

We currently have good relationships with a number of mainstream media outlets which ensures that we get to regularly comment in the media. That said, we can’t always ensure that these articles cover all the key points that the public need to know about a given issue.

Our news service ensures that we have a platform where reliable pro-life news and views are accessible to everyone in the UK and that we are not limited by what editors in major newspapers choose to publish.

westminster award
wesminster award
Making a bigger impact by working together

In everything we do, we begin by discerning how we can work together with as many of the large number of other organisations with which we already have a relationship, to ensure that we are having maximum impact.

We began by working with a large number of organisations to defeat the Marris assisted suicide Bill and our team-work with these groups has continued to develop as our focus has moved to “beginning of life” issues.

Now, we are concentrating together on defeating the introduction of abortion on demand, for any reason, up to birth.

You can save lives with your gift today

Your support makes a
significant difference!