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Australian pro-lifer told to ‘go back where you came from’ in racially charged letter from self-described feminist

An Australian pro-lifer, received a bizarre and racially charged letter from a self-described feminist, telling her to “go back to Samoa.”

As New South Wales is considering introducing one of the most extreme abortion laws on the planet which effectively allows abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy, barrister and pro-lifer, Rachael Wong, has been outspoken in criticising this legislation.

At least one self-described feminist in Australia has not taken kindly to her outspoken defence of the unborn. She accused Rachael, who was in fact born in Australia, of taking “full advantage of the western [sic] education system, and becoming extremely wealthy…”

In the same letter, she told Rachael to “go back to Samoa” and revealed her own confusions about human embryology. However, not to be put out by the apparent racism and ignorance on display, Rachael responded:

“My new biggest fan telling me to ‘go back to where you came from’. For the record, I was born in Australia and lived in NZ most of my life. Also, running a not-for-profit isn’t exactly lucrative 🤔🙄 I do have a GREAT job though. #FanMail #JustALittleRacist #CheersVicky”

You can read the full copy of the letter below with Rachael’s comments

Rachael Wong Australia

Dear reader,

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