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Progress update

Earlier this week, we posted a message with details on the abortion lobby’s plans to introduce extreme changes to our abortion laws, as well as the assisted suicide lobby’s plan to legalise assisted suicide.

Should these major threats we are facing right now from our opposition be successful, it would be a disaster. Many more vulnerable lives would be lost if they succeed in their mission.

That is why we’re grateful for the initial support we’ve seen from people like you. We are 62% of the way to our goal of raising £100,000, which will allow us to fight back against their efforts. But we’re not there yet…

62 percent urgent appeal to save lives

With 38% remaining, we urge you to give generously today. You can help to create a culture that values life and prevent laws that permit the deaths of thousands of precious lives.

Your donation will ensure that we can work to defeat the abortion and assisted suicide lobbies’ proposals in 2024.

Thank you for your support at this critical time.