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Major threat

Thanks to your support, in 2023 we have been able to continue to put up a strong opposition to attempts to change our laws to introduce abortion, for any reason, up to birth.

Unfortunately, this is not the end for our opposition. 


In early 2024, we will be facing major threats on both the beginning and end-of-life fronts. We expect these significant threats to come before Parliament very soon.

  1. The first threat will be from the abortion lobby, who have worked with pro-abortion MPs, Stella Creasy and Diana Johnson, to table two extreme abortion up to birth amendments in an attempt to hijack the Government’s flagship Criminal Justice Bill.

    Both amendments propose removing offences that make it illegal to perform a self-abortion at any point right through to birth.

    Neither of the amendments outlines circumstances in which it would continue to be an offence to perform a self-abortion – the changes to the law would apply throughout all nine months of pregnancy and would not exclude sex-selective abortions.

    Stella Creasy’s amendment, if it became law, would also repeal Section 60 of the Offences Against the Person Act, which is currently used to make it illegal to hide the body of a dead newborn baby, including in circumstances when the baby has been killed through infanticide.

    This is not a distant threat that we will have to deal with later in the year. These amendments could be voted on in a matter of weeks.

    If these extreme proposals become law it would likely lead to a tragic increase in the number of babies’ lives being ended through late-term abortions performed at home, as well as the lives of many more women being endangered.
  1. The second threat will come from the assisted suicide lobby.

    The assisted suicide lobby, led by the multi-million-pound outfit, Dignity in Dying, is currently running a large campaign in Parliament, through the media and online to put pressure on Parliament to introduce assisted suicide.

    You have probably seen the very large increase in media coverage on the issue of assisted suicide over the last few weeks.

    This media coverage has come ahead of a bill that pro-assisted suicide MP Kit Malthouse is bringing forward to Parliament, which media outlets have reported will concern assisted suicide.

    There is a strong possibility that the assisted suicide lobby will try to push for a vote on this bill when it is debated on 24 January

If the assisted suicide lobby wins this initial vote, it will put a very large amount of pressure on the Government and Parliament to introduce assisted suicide.

Should these major threats we are facing right now from our opposition be successful, it would be a disaster. Thousands of lives would be lost. We are not going to stand by and watch these extreme anti-life changes become a reality.


Supporter, because of support from people like you we have been able to have a significant impact in 2023.

This work fighting both the abortion and assisted suicide lobbies has substantially drained our limited resources.

To cover this gap and ensure we effectively defeat these proposals in 2024, our goal is to raise a minimum of £100,000 by midnight this Sunday, 31 December 2023.

We are, therefore, appealing to you to please give as generously as you can. Every single donation, no matter how small, will go towards saving the lives of the unborn and many others.

If you’re not based in the UK, please do still consider supporting the appeal, as extreme changes to abortion legislation and the introduction of assisted suicide in the UK will likely put more pressure on a number of other countries overseas to change their laws too.

By stopping these threats, YOU can save lives over this coming period.

Will you make a special gift right now to help protect vulnerable lives from these very major threats?

Thank you for your support of the thousands of vulnerable lives at risk during this critical time.