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Mexican state rejects abortion on demand proposals, while another adopts pro-life legislation

An attempt to allow abortion on demand for any reason up to the 12 weeks has been rejected in the Mexican state of Guanajuato.

In a virtual session held yesterday, the United Commission of Justice and Public Health voted by 6 votes to 3  to dismiss the proposed legislation put forward by the Morena and the Revolution Democratic Party (PRD).

Of the 10 members of the Commission, two PRD representatives and one Green Party legislator voted in favour of the proposals. All six votes to dismiss any change in law came from the National Action Party (PAN). The tenth representative, Javier Hernández was not present.

Explaining why she voted against the proposals, PAN representative Laura Cristina Márquez Alcalá said, “It is a matter of defending the human rights of women and the human rights of an unborn person.”

Pictures of vandalism by pro-abortion activists have emerged since the proposals were dismissed.

Pro-life campaigners have further cause to celebrate in Mexico, as this news comes after the Mexican state legislature of Nuevo Leon passed an education reform bill to foster a “respect for life from conception to natural death” in students just last week.

The law reflects the state’s constitution, which affirms that “the state recognizes, protects and defends the right to life that every human being has. From the moment of conception that life comes under the protection of the Law and is considered as having been born with regards to all corresponding legal effects until its natural death.”

The new bill also includes provisions to help prevent disability-selective abortions as it calls for the “inclusion, through the development of special training, programs for the employment of people with some kind of disability.”

The director of the pro-life group ConParticipación, Marcial Padilla, said: “The initiative to recognize the right to life in education will help young people, adolescents and children learn to appreciate human life.”

The pro-life leader said he is hopeful the reform bill will “help reduce suicide rates, reduce addictions and will also help young people understand that abortion is not an option. ”

Above all, students “will be able to know that abortion is always an attack on human life,” he added.

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MPs will shortly vote on proposed changes to the law, brought forward by Labour MPs Stella Creasy and Diana Johnson, that would introduce the biggest change to our abortion laws since the Abortion Act was introduced in 1967.

These proposed changes to the law would make it more likely that healthy babies are aborted at home for any reason, including sex-selective purposes, up to birth.

Polling undertaken by ComRes, shows that only 1% of women support introducing abortion up to birth and that 91% of women agree that sex-selective abortion should be explicitly banned by the law.

Please click the button below to contact your MP now and ask them to vote no to these extreme changes to our law. It only takes 30 seconds using our easy-to-use tool.