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Five days left to stop the introduction of Europe’s most extreme abortion law to NI – Take action now

There are now just over five days left to bring back the Northern Ireland Assembly (Stormont) and stop the introduction of Europe’s most extreme abortion regime to Northern Ireland.

Sinn Fein and the DUP are meeting tomorrow (Thursday) for an intensive phase of final talks and the DUP have announced that they are willing to now return to Stormont “without pre-condition”.

It is now vital that, ahead of Thursday, MLAs/MPs/party leaders receive a flood of emails making it clear that the people of Northern Ireland are demanding that they must reconvene Stormont this week.

We have this launched an email function with a new ‘final week’ pre-written letter, outlining a series of new important points, that we need to get in front of MLAs/MPs/party leaders now.

If you are from Northern Ireland, please urgently click the button below and take 30-seconds to send your ‘final week’ email.

Once you have sent your email, please then make sure as many people are emailing their MLAs by sharing the page with friends and family – and doing everything you can to get the word out and ensure we get a maximum number of emails to all involved before the talks begin on Thursday.

If you live outside Northern Ireland, please visit our Bring Back Stormont campaign for more information on actions you can take to help bring back Stormont during these final days.