Time is running out to bring back the
Northern Ireland Assembly and
stop the introduction of Europe’s most
extreme abortion regime to Northern Ireland.

What's at stake?

Westminster has voted in favour of forcing a new abortion regime on Nothern Ireland. These changes to the abortion law will not go ahead if the Nothern Ireland Assembly reconvenes by October 21st. This would be the most extreme abortion law in Europe. Click the button below to get the key facts on the proposed shocking law.

Latest news from Northern Ireland

Pro-life SDLP councillor resigns over abortion stance of party

A councillor for the Social Democrat and Labour Party (SDLP) has resigned from the party over its stance on abortion. Stephanie Quigley announced on Monday evening that she was quitting

UK Parliament votes to impose an extreme abortion regulations on NI: Full voting lists for MPs and peers

Last week, both Houses in the UK Parliament voted in favour of motions approving the Government’s decision to impose an extreme abortion regime on Northern Ireland. On Monday 15 June,

MPs vote to approve extreme abortion regime in Northern Ireland

MPs have voted 253 to 136 in favour of a motion approving the UK Government’s extreme abortion regime in Northern Ireland. The vote comes two days after the House of

Prime Minister receives huge petition against disability abortion from Heidi Crowter

Heidi Crowter, a 24-year-old woman who has Down’s syndrome, has delivered an open letter to Boris Johnson against an abortion law which makes her feel like she would be “better

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