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Phone your MLAs/MP and ask them to stop extreme abortion regime being introduced to Northern Ireland

English, Welsh and Scottish MPs have voted to force one of the most extreme abortion regimes in the world on Northern Ireland without the people of Northern Ireland or their elected representatives having any say.

This can all be stopped if the Northern Ireland Assembly returns by October 21st. The power to reconvene the Assembly sits with your local MLAs, MP and the seven party leaders.

Many of you have emailed your MLAs/MP/party leaders. Time is now running out and we need to increase pressure on all involved to ensure the Northern Ireland Assembly reconvenes.

  • Please use the form below to find the phone number for your MLAs/MP and please call them.
  • Below that, we have written a short guide outlining what to cover in a conversation with your MLA.
  • If you have more time, we recommend you also ask to meet with your MLA.
Find my MLAs
Short guide - What to cover with your MLA over the phone.
  1. Introduce yourself and ask to speak with them directly on the phone. If they are not available, ask that a message is left with them covering that you called.
  2. Once you have the MLA on the phone, politely cover the points below:
    1. Introduce yourself and say that you live in their constituency.
    2. Cover the following points in your own words:
      1. Westminster MPs have voted to impose an abortion regime on Northern Ireland that removes any explicit protection in our law for unborn children until 28 weeks gestation. Northern Ireland would be left with the most extreme abortion regime in Europe.
      2. I am deeply concerned about the introduction of this extreme regime, preventing this is the most important issue to me.
      3. As my elected representative, I am asking that you do everything in your power to restore a power-sharing Executive ahead of October 21. This includes meeting with your party leader to impress this upon them.
      4. I should stress that your conduct and that of your party will impact how I vote in future elections.