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‘DIY’ abortions cover up 14 years of sexual abuse

A father has been arrested accused of performing multiple ‘DIY’ home abortions to hide crimes of sexual abuse committed on his daughter and stepdaughter.

Jason Daniel Goodwill was taken into custody last week and now faces more than 20 charges, including rape, corruption of minors and “involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child”.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, the father’s campaign of abuse is alleged to have lasted 14 years and stems back to 2006 when his stepdaughter was just 7-years-old.

Authorities opened an investigation earlier this month after they were called to UPMC Hamot Children’s Care Clinic over the suspected child abuse of the victims.

The 12-year-old daughter was taken there for testing and observation after revealing to her 20-year-old step sister that she was being sexually abused by Goodwill.

According to the criminal complaint, obtained by Erie News Now, the now 20-year-old stepdaughter told investigators she had also been sexually abused by Goodwill, starting when she was approximately 7 years old.

As a result of the abuse, the stepdaughter became pregnant on multiple occasions. Recalling the distressing events, the 20-year-old said Goodwill would inject her with a harmful chemical to induce labour so he could abort the pregnancies.

Despite this, the stepdaughter gave birth to a child in 2014, who died at five-months-old and was buried in the back garden of the family home.

Investigators told Erie News Now they had recovered evidence on the property in connection to the death of a child, after carrying out a search warrant at the home on 12 May.

‘DIY’ home abortions are now temporarily allowed across the UK following an incredible double U-turn from the Government, which went against its own warnings.

The very substantial change, which has been made without any public consultation, parliamentary scrutiny or debate, means women will be left to deliver their own dead unborn child at home without direct medical supervision.

Additionally, it opens women and children up to coerced abortions and makes it easier for men to gain access to dangerous abortion drugs.

Previously, abortions could only take place in hospitals or abortion clinics approved by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care.

Under the new temporary policy, doctors will be able to prescribe mifepristone and misoprostol over the phone or video platforms such as Facetime or Skype, meaning they will be left to pass their unborn child at home without direct medical supervision.

Last week, a woman and her unborn baby died after taking ‘DIY’ home abortion drugs.

According to the Mumbai Mirror, the woman’s husband, with the help of his parents and a friend, obtained the abortion drugs from a medical representative – all have now been “booked” with an intent to cause miscarriage by police in the Indian region of Kashimira.

In the UK, a legal challenge against ‘DIY’ home abortions has been launched by the Christian Legal Centre.

The case, which is backed by a healthcare professional and former Government minister Ann Widdecombe, suffered a setback this week when the High Court upheld the UK Government’s decision to allow ‘DIY’ home abortions.

However, the Christian Legal Centre have announced they will appeal the decision.

Right To Life UK has launched tools in England, Wales & Scotland which makes it easy for residents to contact their local representatives and ask them to revoke the dangerous ‘DIY’ abortion decision in their respective countries.

Ask your local MP, AM or MSP to revoke the dangerous ‘DIY’ abortion decision!

In Northern Ireland we have a separate tool calling on MPs to vote against the extreme abortion regime imposed on the province.

A spokesperson for Right to Life UK, Catherine Robinson said:

“This story highlights one of the significant risks behind this dangerous and reckless change in policy.

“These new regulations, which we’re implemented without any parliamentary scrutiny or debate, put vulnerable girls at greater risk of sex-trafficking and child-sex abuse as ‘DIY’ abortions can be used by their abusers as a means to more easily cover up their abuse.

“Thepolicy change by the Government goes against the very argument previously made by the abortion industry who argued that abortions should be provided at approved locations to protect women from abuse and coercion. By encouraging women to have abortions at home or other locations, the UK Government have put the health and safety of women at risk.

“The UK Government must immediately repeal these changes to allow proper democratic procedures to be undertaken, but more importantly, to protect the health of thousands of women across the country.”

Help stop abortion up to birth for babies with disabilities including Down's syndrome & club foot

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Dear reader

In 2020, the UK Government imposed an extreme abortion regime on Northern Ireland, which included a provision that legalised abortion right up to birth for disabilties including Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and club foot.

A new Bill has been launched at the Northern Ireland assembly that will remove the current provision that allows abortion for ‘severe fetal impairment’.

It is under these grounds in the regulations that babies with disabilities including Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and club foot can currently be singled out for abortion in Northern Ireland because of their disability and can be aborted right up to birth.

Before the new abortion regime was imposed on Northern Ireland in 2020, disability-selective abortion for conditions such as Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and club foot was not legal and there was a culture of welcoming and supporting people with these disabilities rather than eliminating them.

This is reflected directly in the latest figures (2016) from the Department of Health in Northern Ireland, which show that while there were 52 children born with Down’s syndrome in Northern Ireland, in the same year only 1 child from Northern Ireland with Down’s syndrome was aborted in England and Wales. 

This contrasts with the situation in the rest of the United Kingdom where disability-selective abortion has been legal since 1967.

The latest available figures show that 90% of children diagnosed with Down’s syndrome before birth are aborted in England and Wales.

We are, therefore, asking people like you to take 30 seconds of your time and add your support to the campaign to stop abortion up to birth for disabilities including Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and club foot in Northern Ireland.

If you live in Northern Ireland: 
Ask your MLAs to vote to stop abortion up to birth for disabilities including Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and club foot:

If you live outside Northern Ireland: 
Show your support by signing this petition in support of the Bill:

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Help stop abortion up to birth for babies with disabilities including Down's syndrome & club foot

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