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Activists release photo of baby wearing “THANK GOD FOR ABORTION” top for Halloween

A pro-abortion organisation has released pictures of its Halloween celebration in which a baby is wearing a top that reads “THANK GOD FOR ABORTION” with the group commenting “The beauty of the tiniest proabortion angels”.

The organisation ‘Thank God For Abortion’ released the pictures of a baby wearing a top reading “THANK GOD FOR ABORTION” and wearing a hat saying “ABORTION”.

The images were released with the statement: “It’s that time of the year when we celebrate fave TGFA [Thank God For Abortion] Halloween looks”.

“[T]heres many more over the years we were trying to round up send to us if we missed you”.

Drawing attention to the baby in the abortion outfit the post read: “ This TGFA baby tho? Vintage 2019 was it. We weep like those statues in church. The beauty the beauty of the tiniest proabortion angels”.

Taking all moral consideration out of abortion

Alongside the image of the baby, the group posted a series of other photos with people in religious outfits with pro-abortion messaging.

An activist group called ‘Shout your abortion’, which aims to “[normalise] abortion”, also ‘liked’ the post. 

Right To Life UK spokesperson Catherine Robinson said: “These social media posts are deeply sad and disturbing. Of course, the poster does not seem to realise that the baby in the photo could well have been a victim of abortion if his or her mother had made a different choice. They are not normalising abortion so much as taking all moral consideration out of abortion or even pretending abortion is a good thing”.

“In these groups, there seems to be a move away from previous claims that they viewed abortion as something that is not good but it is necessary, to abortion being something to be proud of and to boast about. Abortion, however, involves the ending of an innocent life and is something that has a negative impact on many women”.

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