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Bring Back Stormont

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Time is running out to bring back the
Northern Ireland Assembly and
stop the introduction of Europe’s most
extreme abortion regime to Northern Ireland.

What’s at stake?

Westminster has voted in favour of forcing a new abortion regime on Nothern Ireland. These changes to the abortion law will not go ahead if the Nothern Ireland Assembly reconvenes by October 21st. This would be the most extreme abortion law in Europe. Click the button below to get the key facts on the proposed shocking law.

20 shocking facts

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Northern Ireland

  1. Email your Mlas/mp/party leaders

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  1. Sign the petition

  2. Tell your friends/family

Latest news from Northern Ireland

Pro life rally Stormont 2

Majority in Northern Ireland oppose extreme new abortion laws

The majority of people in Northern Ireland oppose the Government in Westminster weakening protections for unborn babies in the province. A poll, weighted to reflect Northern Irish society, has revealed
down syndrome baby

Govt offer new travel incentive for late-term disability abortions including cleft lip and Down’s syndrome in England

The UK Government has announced that it will be providing travel, accommodation and free abortions in England for any women seeking an abortion that is legal in England and Wales
abortion marketing services 1

Government to launch abortion marketing campaign in Northern Ireland

The Government has confirmed that it will be launching a nationwide abortion marketing campaign across Northern Ireland if the abortion law changes on October 21st. The Northern Ireland Office outlined
Abortion petition Northern Ireland

Gov says abortion is a devolved issue in Northern Ireland but will force it on the region anyway

In response to a petition in opposition to the imposition of abortion on Northern Ireland, the Government in Westminister has conceded that abortion remains “within the competence of the Northern
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