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Right To Life UK Republishing guidelines

Republishing guidelines

We want our content to reach as many people as possible, and so we want you to republish our articles, online or in print, as often as you like.

We publish under a Creative Commons — Attribution/No derivatives license. This means you are free to republish our articles online or in print for free, provided you follow these guidelines:

  • You cannot edit our content, except to reflect relative changes in time, location and editorial style. If you do wish to edit the content, you will need to ask Right To Life UK for approval prior to publication via the following email address:
  • You must credit “Right To Life UK” and include a link back to either our home page or the article URL . Our preference is a credit at the top of the article and that you include our logo:
  • You must use our page view counter when republishing online. The page view counter is an invisible 1 pixel by 1 pixel image that allows us and our authors to know when and where content is republished. If you use the “republish” button that accompanies each article you’ll include our page counter (more page counter information below).
  • You cannot sell our material separately, but it’s OK to put our articles on pages with ads.
  • You have to ensure you’re licensed to republish images in our articles. Most of the images we use can be republished without copyright concerns. However, some images cannot be republished without permission or payment. Copyright terms are generally listed in the image caption and attribution. You are welcome to omit our images or substitute with your own. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have obtained the necessary rights to use any images that are published with an article.
  • Charts and interactive graphics follow the same rules.
  • You must use the HTML code we provide for each article as this includes the code for page view counter. Please do not copy and paste the text directly from the article into your own website.


Special cases

  • Extracts: you can run the first few lines or paragraphs of the article and then say: “Read the full article at Right To Life UK” with a link back to the article.
  • Quotes: you are free to quote authors provided you include a link back to the article URL.
  • Translations: are permitted.
  • Edits: if you wish to make material edits, you will need to run them by Right To Life UK prior to publication:
  • Print: articles can be published in print under these same rules, with the exception that you do not need to include the counter and links. We would appreciate it if you would send an image of the republished article along with a readership estimate to
  • Podcast and video: are also covered by Creative Commons and the same attribution requirements apply.

Page counter

  • The page counter is an invisible 1×1 pixel image that allows us to know when and where our content is syndicated. If you use the “Republish” button, you will automatically be using the page counter when you copy the HTML when using the “Basic” tab.
  • The page counter retains two pieces of data:
    • The referring URL, so we know what site republished the article, and
    • We also examine the IP address, which we use for city-level geo-coding and identifying sessions to ensure that users are not double-counted. This data is then discarded.
  • If you need the page counter pixel code on its own, the page counter can be accessed by clicking “Republish” then the “Advanced” tab. This might be useful for republishers who:
    • have deleted the code;
    • are doing a translation;
    • have copy/pasted from the article instead of the HTML;
    • need to embed the counter as a widget to make it work in their CMS;
    • need the script form because their CMS is set to cache the pixel.
  • If the counter creates giant white space in an article, add style=”border:0; height:1px !important; width:1px !important;” into the tag to override the spacing.

Checking the page counter

Right To Life UK UK logo

You can download a high-resolution version of our logo here: