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Population Control

Population Control policies are attempts by Government to reduce or stabilise the human population of a country, or the world more largely.

This is based on the perceived threat of ‘overpopulation’, which is often framed as an economic, environmental, or even mortal threat to the common good of humanity. The truth is that the world is far from overpopulated, and that the sharp rise in the Earth’s human population since the 1960s has been due to improved food, medicine, and living conditions (not an increase in the birth-rate, which has globally fallen).

Moreover, the means by which human populations might be limited or reduced are always pernicious. There are examples of state coercion, such as the One Child policy in China, in which forced abortions and sterilisations have been used as weapons against women and unborn children. In other cases, the attempted spreading of the practice of human abortion (which is always a violation of the human right to life) to other countries has been raised as an appropriate policy measure.

For still others, recommended taxes on children have been feted to discourage conception or encourage abortion. No matter what the policy, population control policies are always factually-challenged, frequently inhumane, and often fed by anti-human ideological agenda. Right To Life campaigns against attempts to affect such policies through the UK, or by international agencies and cooperation, and seeks to educate the public about the true nature of human population concerns.


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