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Why Lord Forsyth’s attempt to hijack the Health and Care Bill is so dangerous

LIKE many who’ve worked for decades in and around the Palace of Westminster, I have great respect for the achievements in high office of Lord (Michael) Forsyth of Drumlean, who is so popular that he is chair of the Conservative Peers Association. But what, oh what, is this highly respected Tory peer doing helping Leftist euthanasia obsessives in the Lords to introduce assisted dying by the back door? How is it that such a previously principled Conservative is not just pushing such an unethical ‘policy’ but subverting proper parliamentary practice to do so?

Lord Forsyth, with his new ‘progressive’ friends in the Upper Chamber, is trying to use the government’s flagship legislation, the Health and Care Bill, as a Trojan horse, or, to use a more timely analogy, as a host cell for a virus, to force the government to publish draft legislation to introduce assisted dying.

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