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Why I believe Dame Esther Rantzen is profoundly wrong on assisted dying – father of a daughter with learning disabilities fears an irrevocable slide towards the indiscriminate killing of the vulnerable

Calls for a change in the law relating to assisted dying rose to a crescendo this week. Yesterday Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer added his voice to that of Dame Esther Rantzen, who on Tuesday revealed that she has joined Dignitas, the Swiss clinic that facilitates suicide.

Dame Esther, who has stage four lung cancer, wants MPs to be given a free vote on assisted dying in Britain, arguing that people should have a choice about ‘how you want to go and when you want to go’.

Starmer backed her stance, saying there were grounds for changing the law and the most appropriate way forward would be ‘a free vote on an issue where there are such divided and strong views’.

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