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Vote For Life campaign launched ahead of European election on May 23rd

Today we have launched our Vote For Life campaign to encourage people to vote pro-life this European election on may 23rd. We have made it easy to find out where your MEP candidates stand on abortion. Please take 30 seconds to use our easy to use tool below which sends a letter to your MEP candidates asking them where they would vote on three key areas relating to abortion.

Click here to find out where your MEP candidates stand on abortion now

Why is it important to find out where your MEP’s stand on abortion and vote for life?

Although it is likely that elected MEPs will only hold their positions for a short period of time ahead of the UK leaving the European Union, it is still important to find out their position on abortion.

Many of these candidates will likely go on to stand as MP candidates in UK elections in the future, so demonstrating to them that abortion is an important issue to many people in the UK is very helpful. It is also helpful for us to have data on who of this group are pro-life so that we have this information on file for later in their careers and can communicate this to constituents to help inform them ahead of voting. Finally, if there is a further delay to the UK leaving the European Union, this increases the likelihood of a vote on abortion happening during the time this group of MEPs are sitting at the European Parliament, so having a larger group of pro-life MEPs there will help secure better numbers on a vote.