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Urgent: Biggest abortion vote since 1967 is on Monday

As expected, the abortion lobby, led by the UK’s largest abortion provider, BPAS, has worked with Diana Johnson MP to bring forward two abortion amendments to the Domestic Abuse Bill.

On Monday, if these amendments are taken to a vote and pass at the final stage of the Bill in the House of Commons, it is very unlikely that they will get voted down in the House of Lords. So, it is vital that these amendments are defeated on Monday.

The first amendment would remove almost all current legal safeguards on abortion, up until when a child is capable of being born alive, with a ceiling of 28 weeks. The change would leave England and Wales with one of the most extreme abortion laws in the world. The second amendment would allow both medical and surgical abortions to take place in any location if a woman is in an abusive relationship.  


I want to emphasise how important the next 48 hours ahead of Monday are. 

On Monday, we will face the biggest single threat to the lives of unborn children since the Abortion Act was introduced in 1967.

Now is the time to do your bit for the pro-life battle. The number of pro-lifers who contact their MPs over the next 48 hours will be a key factor in deciding whether these horrific changes to abortion legislation become law. If the abortion lobby is successful, this will highly likely result in many more unborn babies losing their lives to abortion. We can, and must, stop this from happening. 

By emailing your MP, and encouraging your friends and family to do the same, MPs will realise just how many people oppose these extreme abortion amendments, and will be wary of the backlash they will likely face if they support these terrible proposals on Monday. 

If you have not already emailed your MP asking them to oppose these amendments, please click here to do so now.


If you have emailed your MP, please take action now by forwarding this email to at least 10 other people asking them to email their MPs urgently. 

Alternatively, if it is easier, please use one of the buttons below to send an email to at least 10 friends or family members – or message at least 10 friends over WhatsApp.

Once you have completed the above, please do think about how you can dedicate some more time over the weekend to encourage as many people as possible to contact their MP. Just a few minutes of your time could have a significant impact on how MPs vote on Monday.

Thank you for your help at this critical moment. We couldn’t do it without you.