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Ukraine: babies born amid conflict are a ‘beacon of hope’

A woman has given birth in an underground shelter in Ukraine representing a beacon of hope during the Russian invasion.

On Friday evening, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, an unnamed 23-year-old gave birth to baby Mia in a subway station while sheltering from a Russian bombardment.

On-duty police heard her screams and came to her aid. One officer, Mykola Shlapak, said that after the police had helped deliver the baby she was taken to a hospital.

Chair of Democracy in Action Conference, Hanna Hopko, shared an image of baby Mia.

Ms Hopko said the mother is “happy after this challenging birth”.

One woman reacted on Twitter to baby Mia’s birth saying: “A little shining beacon of hope during some of the darkest times”

The very next day, a boy was born in the basement of a hospital damaged by attacks, as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine went into its third day.

The Starobilsk Multidisciplinary Hospital, where the baby boy was born, said on its Facebook page: “In conditions, far from those who deserve a new life – the voice of the newborn … it’s a boy!”

Anastasia Radina, a Ukrainian MP, likened women giving birth underground to wartime London.

She said: “Ukrainian mothers are now giving birth in shelters and metro stations during air raids”.

There were even more babies born during the fighting. Ivan Korol, whose Facebook profile says he works for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, said his wife gave birth to their child amid the Russian attack over the weekend.

He said: “Last night, to the roar of Gostomel and the howling of sirens, my wife gave birth to my daughter! Like a star in the dark at such a difficult time .. Vikusya, you are incredible!”, and shared a few images from the maternity centre that is also acting as a bomb shelter for many expecting women.

Right To Life UK spokesperson, Catherine Robinson, said: “These stories are a beam of light in an otherwise dark time in Ukraine. We can only hope that these brave women and their babies will not have to endure these circumstances for much longer”.

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