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Tragic outcome for NI, find out how your MP voted

As you have likely heard already, yesterday MPs voted 253 to 136 in favour of a motion approving the UK Government’s extreme abortion regime in Northern Ireland.

This is obviously an incredibly tragic outcome for Northern Ireland, for the unborn child and everyone who supports the right to life.

While the vote in the House of Commons is a defeat for pro-life campaigners and the people of Northern Ireland, the vote indicates that there has been a large decrease in the number of pro-abortion MPs and an increase in the number of active pro-life MPs in the House of Commons since the 2019 election. Before the new intake of MPs, in the absence of a functioning Northern Ireland Assembly, a vote to impose abortion on Northern Ireland in July 2019 was passed by 332 votes to 99.

However, this is by no means the end for Northern Ireland. 

The battle on these regulations now moves to Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Assembly. MLAs must now urgently bring forward legislation to repeal these extreme abortion regulations. We’ll be keeping you updated as the next stage of the battle progresses in Northern Ireland.

For England and Wales, we now move onto dealing with Report Stage of the Domestic Abuse Bill where the abortion lobby have made it clear they will be attempting to introduce an amendment to introduce extreme changes to abortion legislation. I’ll be in contact soon with more information and details on how you can help stop this latest move from the abortion lobby.


We’ve set-up a tool on our website that will let you know how your MP voted on Wednesday.

Once you have found out how your MP voted, you will have the option of sending them an email with your feedback on their vote. We encourage you to send this email as this will ensure those who voted against the regulations are thanked and that those who abstained or voted for the regulations know that their constituents are unhappy with this.

Click the button below to see how your MP voted. It only takes 30 seconds.

Once you have emailed your feedback to your local MP, please do ask friends and family to do the same.

Thank you for your help on this.