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Tonight’s Parliament debate on extreme abortion law changes + update on Heidi’s case

The Westminster Hall debate on introducing extreme changes to our abortion laws by introducing a ‘right’ to abortion in UK law has just finished.

A large line-up of MPs spoke in the debate against introducing extreme changes to abortion legislation. The number of pro-abortion MPs speaking was overwhelmingly outnumbered by pro-life MPs who made it clear that a ‘right’ to abortion should not be introduced to UK law.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to email their MP asking them to oppose introducing extreme changes to abortion legislation. Your work writing to your MPs ensured that such a large group of MPs spoke out tonight in Parliament against making extreme changes to abortion legislation.

We have just published an article on Right To Life News that includes a full account of the debate and videos of the speeches from the debate. You can view that article by clicking here.

Stella Creasy MP made it clear that the abortion lobby intends to hijack the Bill of Rights Bill to introduce a ‘right’ to abortion in UK law, so you will need to be ready to ensure there is a strong response from the public when they attempt to introduce extreme changes to abortion legislation.


As you may have seen in the media, Heidi Crowter and Máire Lea-Wilson’s case against the UK Government over the current discriminatory abortion law that allows abortion up to birth for Down’s syndrome has sadly been rejected by the Court of Appeal.

A large group of people with disabilities and their families held a rally outside the Royal Courts of Justice where Heidi gave a speech following the release of the decision. 

Heidi made it clear in her speech, which was featured in a large number of broadcast and media outlets, that this is not the end of her fight for justice on this issue. She vowed to fight on and said that she is now considering seeking permission for the case to be taken on to the Supreme Court. 

You can read more about Heidi’s case and the next steps she plans to take in the article published on Right To Life News, which can be accessed by clicking here.