American abortion giant president sacked for not prioritising abortion enough

Planned Parenthood director, Dr Leana Wen, was sacked after less than a year leading the company, for not prioritising abortion enough.

Starting in September 2018, Dr Wen led Planned Parenthood – which performed 332,757 abortions making it the largest abortion provider in the USA – until July of this year.

Speaking to the New York Times she said:

“There was immediate criticism [after her hiring] that I did not prioritize abortion enough. While I am passionately committed to protecting abortion access, I do not view it as a stand-alone issue… For me, as a physician, it was also simply good medical care to treat the whole patient.”

“Perhaps the greatest area of tension was over our work to be inclusive of those with nuanced views about abortion,” she wrote. “I reached out to people who wrestle with abortion’s moral complexities,” she added.

Dr Wen’s sacking comes at the same time as increasing numbers of Planned Parenthood employees are leaving the company due to the fact that it company seems to put financial concerns over quality patient care.

Marie Stopes International in the UK has faced similar accusations in recent years with the Care Quality Commission finding a “cattle market” culture in one of their clinics and finding evidence of staff being incentivised to increase abortions through staff bonuses.

In a damning report from 2017, inspectors found evidence of a policy at all 70 Marie Stopes clinics, which saw staff calling women who had decided against having an abortion to offer them another appointment. The report also outlined “doctors signing off consent forms in batches of 60 and failures to follow safety procedures.”

Catherine Robinson from Right To Life UK said:

“Marie Stopes International and Planned Parenthood continue to show they are more concerned with income than with the well-being of their clients.

“At the beginning of August we found that chief executive of Marie Stopes earned £434,500, which included a 100% bonus for his role in providing abortions by the millions across the globe.”

“The amount the head of Marie Stopes was paid in 2018 would put him in the top-10 highest earners in the charity sector.”

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Marie Stopes boss receives 100% bonus as organisation performs 4.8 million abortions

Abortion provider Marie Stopes International’s chief executive, earned £434,500 in 2018 according to the latest accounts released by Companies House this week.

Simon Cooke earned £217,250 (p.51) as his basic salary and received a 100% performance related bonus, doubling his overall earnings, after Marie Stopes International (MSI) claim to have had the biggest impact to date. 

According to MSI, they performed 4.8 million abortions in 2018 across the 37 countries in which they operate. This figure is up from 4.1 million the previous year, an increase of 17.1%. In the UK, MSI performed around 70,000 abortions a year, approximately a third of all abortions performed.

The accounts also show the abortion provider had a record income of £296.8 million, receiving over £48 million in 2018 from the Department for International Development (DfID), who remain their single largest donor.

The amount that Mr Cooke was paid in 2018 would put him in the top-10 highest earners in the charity sector.

Mr Cooke’s impressive salary and bonus come off the back of a series of scandals in the past few years where inspectors found “dead foetuses lying in an open bin”; evidence of high pressure sales tactics to get women to have abortions; and cases of doctors pre-signing consent forms.

University College London is also considering removing a plaque to Marie Stopes at the university because of her racist and eugenic views.

Spokesperson for Right To Life UK Catherine Robinson said:

“MSI were responsible for 4.8 million abortions worldwide in 2018. That’s about the same as the population of the whole of Ireland. And their chief executive had his salary doubled for this ‘achievement’.”

“Marie Stopes International have set themselves a target of performing 5 million abortions in 2019.”

“If Stormont is unable to reconvene by 21st October, Westminster’s extreme abortion regime will come to Northern Ireland and this new abortion market will be opened up to MSI, helping them to reach their target of 5 million abortions. The only winners in this scenario will be the abortion providers themselves.”

Eugenicist Marie Stopes could have name removed from London university

Marie Stopes, a eugenic pioneer and namesake of one of the UK’s largest providers of abortions, could find her name removed from plaques at her former university after renewed interest in her role as a pioneer of eugenics and an alleged racist.

Following pressure from staff and students, a committee of inquiry is investigating the historical links of University College London (UCL) with a number of historical eugenicists, including Charles Darwin’s cousin, Francis Galton, in addition to Marie Stopes.

The university currently commemorates Stopes – who became a fellow of UCL in 1910 – for her scientific achievements, but questions are being raised as to the appropriateness of this given her many unsavoury views.

Marie Stopes – whose name lives on most famously in the abortion provider, Marie Stopes International – is well-known to have advocated for the state forced sterilisation of what she called the “ever increasing stock of degenerate, feeble-minded and unbalanced…”

Her views on ethnicity and race are also considered deeply problematic. For example, in 1934 she publicly stated that ‘the half-caste’ should be sterilised at birth and she even sent Adolf Hitler love letters.

Geneticist Veronica van Heyningen, President of the Galton Institute – named after Francis Galton, another eugenicist whose views are being questioned – suggested that the university could install plaques explaining the achievements – and the historical wrongs – of a particular scientist. But their names should not be removed, she added.

The abortion provider, Marie Stopes International, has been criticised for continuing Stopes’ own racist and eugenicist legacy due to their abortion provision in developing countries. Last year, a number of their centres were shut down in Niger because they were said to be performing illegal abortions, and in Kenya for illegally promoting abortion.

Clare McCarthy from Right To Life UK said: “It shouldn’t be controversial to say that Marie Stopes was a racist and eugenicist. She believed in the ‘elimination of wasteful lives’.

The only surprising thing is that it has apparently taken UCL so many years to acknowledge her loathsome views.

Questions need to be asked why one of the world’s largest abortion providers – Marie Stopes International – continues to bear her name.

Abortion giant provided prostitutes for its staff – funded by the British taxpayer

International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), one of the world’s largest abortion providers, oversaw the hiring of prostitutes for staff, donors and guests attending official functions, according to allegations reported in the Daily Mail.

Lucien Kouakou, the Africa regional director who was dismissed over the allegations, has made claimed that IPPF offered sexual ‘gifts’ to guests at African events for several years.

In an email sent to an official at the IPPF’s London headquarters responding to the threat of dismissal, Mr Kouakou said that under a previous regime ‘there was promoting of prostitution within the organisation, where prostitutes would be organised for IPPF staff, donors and partners during functions’.

He repeated the charges in Kenyan court documents filed in February, which say that under a previous leadership ‘the region solicited the services of prostitutes for guests during official functions of the organisation’.

The court documents add: ‘Young volunteers within the region were being offered to invitee guests during African gatherings and functions for sex or sexual pleasure.’

Despite the fact that this scandal has been going on for months, the Department for International Development (DfID) continues to use British taxpayer money to fund the abortion provider overseas.

In January of this year, DfID gave IPPF £132 million in funding for a two-year programme. In April, Penny Modaunt MP, as International Development Secretary, pledged a further £42 million to IPPF (alongside Marie Stopes International) to look at the “neglected issue” of safe abortion in developing countries.

Right to Life spokesperson Clare McCarthy said:

“After the scandal with Oxfam, the public were strongly assured that UK aid money would not go to any organisation that did not meet the ‘high standards’ of safeguarding and protection required. However, it seems an exception has been made for this giant abortion provider, allowing UK aid money to be pumped into funding abortions, whatever the cost and with little scrutiny.”

“The Department for International Development are apparently so committed to promoting abortion overseas using taxpayer money, that they are willing to continue funding an organisation mired in sexual scandal.”