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Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill

House of Lords gives final approval to UK Government’s extreme abortion regime for Northern Ireland
April 28, 2021

House of Lords gives final approval to giving NI minister new powers to impose expanded…

uk parliament dark 1
June 17, 2020

MPs vote to approve extreme abortion regime in Northern Ireland

heidi carla 1
June 16, 2020

Prime Minister receives huge petition against disability abortion from Heidi Crowter

parliament gloomy 1
June 15, 2020

House of Lords approves UK Government's extreme abortion regime for Northern Ireland

Pro life rally Stormont 2
June 15, 2020

New poll finds strong majority in NI oppose new law allowing disability-selective abortion right up…

lords urgent question ni abortion 1
June 10, 2020

Peers line up to condemn UK Govt over extreme abortion regulations

ni abortion article 1
June 9, 2020

Government claims abortion regime imposed on NI mirrors UK law, MPs reveal this to be…

house of lords 1
June 8, 2020

Lords Committee critical of extreme NI abortion regime in second report

baby scans 1
June 7, 2020

129 babies aborted in Northern Ireland under extreme abortion regime

carla lockhart baroness oloan 1
June 5, 2020

Carla Lockhart and Baroness O'Loan launch open letter to stop extreme abortion regime

mps abortion debate 1
June 4, 2020

Large group of cross-party MPs raise concerns over abortion regime imposed on Northern Ireland

ni assembly 1
June 3, 2020

Northern Ireland Assembly votes to reject Westminster imposed abortion regulations

george birthday 1
June 1, 2020

Northern Ireland’s oldest man with Down’s syndrome throws support behind pro-life motion

electric pedal cycle baby 1
May 19, 2020

Time to debate bikes but not Westminster forcing abortion for Down's syndrome up to birth…

abortion northern ireland whitehall downing street 1
May 13, 2020

UK Government reaffirms commitment to Northern Ireland's extreme abortion regulations

baby ni update 1
May 11, 2020

UK Government to rewrite abortion regulations for Northern Ireland