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Stand With Her demonstration – Tuesday 25 June

Three Court of Appeal judges have ruled that doctors must not perform an abortion on a woman with a learning disability ( you can read full details here).

This is an absolutely brilliant outcome for the mother, her baby and their extended family.

That said, this horrific original ruling should never have happened in the first place. It is totally unacceptable that a mother had to go to the Court of Appeal to stop the state forcing a late-term abortion on her daughter.

Please join us for a demonstration outside Parliament to:

1/ Show our solidarity with this women, her baby and her wider family who have had to go through this terrible ordeal.

2/ Stand in solidarity with all women who have been forced into an abortion in the UK, as unfortunately it likely that this is not a one-off case – and we will be calling on the Department of Health to urgently reveal how many women have been forced by a hospital to have an abortion against their will in the UK and make it clear how they will ensure no women and family will ever have to go through this again.

Event details:
Tuesday, 25 June 2019
Houses of Parliament, Statue of George V, Abingdon Street, London, SW1P 3JY – https://goo.gl/maps/cjmGTuH7eqfqePG28

Please note: This will be a peaceful event and so we ask that all our attendees conduct themselves respectfully and follow the directions of our coordinator. Posters will be provided for those attending. These poster have been put together to focus on the event and the key messaging we want to communicate to the Government and to be shown in the media. Participants do not need to bring along their own posters.

The demonstration will include people who will be coming from around the country and supporters from a number of organisations including the Alliance of Pro-Life Students, CBR UK, Good Counsel Network, London Irish United for Life, March For Life UK, Life Charity, Society for Protection of Unborn Children, Rachel’s Vineyard and Right To Life UK.

Please do encourage friend and family to attend by sharing this event. You can do easily this by sharing the Facebook event here.


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