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Pro-abortion plot to hijack Coronavirus Bill fails

We just wanted to update you with some very good news.

In our last update we mentioned that the abortion lobby were going to be bringing forward amendments to the Coronavirus Bill in the House of Lords to use it to make very big changes to abortion provision.

These amendments were brought forward by pro-abortion peers in the Lords. One amendment would have reduced the number of doctors who sign off on an abortion from two to one, along with allowing midwives and nurses to also sign off on terminations. The other would have introduced home ‘DIY’ abortions, the second attempt this week by the abortion lobby to achieve this. If the amendments had been accepted, this would have been the biggest change to abortion provision since 1967.

Thankfully the Government came out strongly against the amendments making it clear that it was totally inappropriate to be making such a monumental and divisive change to abortion law as an amendment to a fast-tracked piece of legislation designed to save lives from Coronavirus.

Thank you again to our supporters around the country who made contact with their MPs this week urging them to put pressure on the Government to not accept these amendments. This helped make it much easier for the Government to hold strong against the abortion lobby’s demands.

The abortion lobby are again furious about the Government not giving in on this and we expect to see them back exploiting the Coronavirus crisis again once Parliament is back on April 21st.


Thank you to everyone from Northern Ireland who has had an opportunity to email their MLAs to call for new legislation to be introduced to repeal the extreme abortion regime that has been imposed on NI this week. There has been a very large number of emails sent to MLAs making it clear that this extreme regime must be repealed. If you have not done so already, please do email your MLAs by clicking here.

For those of you who do not live in Northern Ireland or who have already emailed their MLAs, please do help us get the word out about the Save Lives: Repeal campaign by sharing the campaign on social media.

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