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Press statement – “pillar of the pro life movement” Nuala Scarisbrick dies aged 82

Nuala Scarisbrick in memoriam

Chris Whitehouse KCSG, a trustee of Right To Life UK, said: “Nuala was a pillar of the pro-life movement and an incredible woman. She will be sorely missed. Yet, the legacy that outlives her and her determination will surely be a model for the next generation”. 

“The pro-life movement would not be where it is today without Nuala’s courage and tireless dedication. Nuala’s passion for supporting women and families in crisis has saved lives – these are literally thousands of people throughout the UK who are alive today because of her pioneering work.”.

“If you would like to share your thoughts, memories, and condolences of Nuala, please do so on the Book of Condolence available on Life Charity’s website”.


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