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Thousands of Brits leave Netflix over abortion case funding

Over 4000 people in 24 hours in the UK have committed to boycotting Netflix in response to Netflix’s commitment to funding a legal challenge to Georgia’s new abortion law.

Right To Life UK launched a campaign on Sunday morning calling on people around the United Kingdom to boycott Netflix because of they have committed to funding a legal challenge to Georgia’s new abortion law which grants near total legal protection to unborn children. If you plan to boycott Netflix but fear that you will miss their services, there are plenty of alternatives which don’t get involved in abortion law. For example, you could try LeonFlix from KubaDownload instead.

The conflict between Netflix and the state of Georgia began on the 7th May when Georgia’s Governor, Brian Kemp, signed a law that grants near total legal protection to unborn children. House Bill 481 restricts abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected except in cases of rape, incest, physical medical emergencies, and pregnancies deemed “medically futile.”

Since then streaming giant Netflix has committed to taking an active role in funding the legal challenge to this law which protects unborn lives. Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, said: “…we will work with the ACLU and others to fight it in court.” Everyone who uses Netflix will be indirectly helping to fund a pro-abortion effort to prevent a law that protects unborn from coming into effect.

The boycott coincides with an expected possible hit to subscriber numbers following an announcement on May 30 that they will be increasing prices.

Netflix’s next stage of growth will come from markets outside the West, such as South America, Africa and the Middle East. Polling shows many of the markets take a strong pro-life stance on abortion, so while the move may appeal to certain ‘woke’ sub-markets in the West, it may also have a big impact on future growth of the service in these new markets.

Alongside funding the legal case, Netflix have also threatened to suspend filming in Georgia if it’s pro-life laws should come into effect. Disney have joined Netflix in their threat to boycott Georgia.

Right To Life UK spokesperson Clare McCarthy said:

“I, along with many others, have cancelled my Netflix subscription today. I cannot support a company that I know is actively trying to promote abortion by doing everything it can to ensure the rights of unborn children are not recognised in law.

We have been amazed at the response to our campaign calling on a boycott of Netflix. We launched the campaign on Sunday morning and within 24 hours over 4000 people have committed to boycotting Netflix.

We are calling on the public to make it clear that they will be boycotting Netflix until they withdraw their commitment to funding legal action to remove protections for unborn children in Georgia.

Polling on attitudes towards abortion shows Netflix has millions of subscribers around the world that do not subscribe to this kind of pro-abortion ideology. If you are pro-life, perhaps it’s time to consider cancelling your Netflix subscription as well?”

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