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Pregnant actress celebrates abortion in Golden Globes victory speech

A pregnant actress has championed anti-life legislation while celebrating her second Golden Globe award by alluding to having an abortion in her acceptance speech, on Sunday, saying she “wouldn’t have been able to do this without employing a woman’s right to choose.”

After collecting the Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television award for her role in Fosse/Verdon, Michelle Williams used her speech to push her pro-abortion views.

“I’ve tried my very best to live a life of my own making and not just a series of events that happened to me, but one that I can stand back and look at and recognize my handwriting all over,” she told the audience in Los Angeles, California.

She continued: “Sometimes, messy and scrawling, sometimes careful and precise. But one that I had carved with my own hand, and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without employing a woman’s right to choose […] when to have my children, and with whom”

Delivering a wider plea for women to vote for pro-abortion candidates in this year’s US election, she said: “Women, 18 to 118, when it is time to vote, please do so in your own self-interest. It’s what men have been doing for years, which is why the world looks so much like them. But don’t forget, we are the largest voting body in this country. Let’s make it look more like us.”

Actress Busy Philipps, who ‘shouted her abortion’ in response to the State of Georgia’s pro-life heartbeat bill, was shown wiping tears away while Williams spoke and award presenter, Tiffany Haddish, could be heard shouting, “Preach!” before the audience applauded the speech.

Williams is set to benefit financially from her promotion of abortion as she will have a leading role in the pro-abortion film titled This Is Jane about an underground network responsible for over 10,000 illegal abortions in the 60s and 70s. 

She is currently expecting her first child with fiancé Thomas Kail and is mother to 14-year-old Matilda, whom she had with the late Heath Ledger.

A spokesperson for Right To Life UK, Catherine Robinson said:

“It is a sad reflection of our society that women feel the need to undergo an abortion to have a successful career and is one of the reasons why better support for pregnant women and a call to end maternity discrimination formed a key part of our Both Lives Pledge election campaign.

“In 2020 and beyond, we will be calling on the Government to support women in the workplace by backing policies designed to end discrimination of pregnant and new mothers.

“The Equality Act 2010 was supposed to end discrimination in the workplace, but evidence has emerged that pregnant women and mothers still face high levels of discrimination.

“Findings from interviews conducted with over 3,000 employers and over 3,000 mothers show that an alarming 77% of women report having ‘a negative or possibly discriminatory experience during pregnancy, maternity leave, and/or on return from maternity leave.’  More specifically, ‘half of mothers […] described a negative impact on their opportunity, status or job security,’ and ‘20% reported financial loss as a result of their pregnancy.’

“Experiencing pregnancy and maternity discrimination could result in a scenario where women have to pick between being discriminated but financially secure, or leaving their job and struggling financially. No woman should have to make this choice, which is why we’re working with pro-life MPs to end maternity discrimination.

“Our analysis of the make-up of the new parliament indicates that, with your support, this is possible, as the number of pro-life MPs has increased while the pro-abortion lobby has lost a large number of MPs. While this is positive, the threat of the introduction of an extreme abortion law has not gone away. The Domestic Abuse Bill will be back and the abortion lobby will be back in force, ready to amend it with the aim of introducing an extreme abortion law to England and Wales.”

Dear reader,

MPs will shortly vote on proposed changes to the law, brought forward by Labour MPs Stella Creasy and Diana Johnson, that would introduce the biggest change to our abortion laws since the Abortion Act was introduced in 1967.

These proposed changes to the law would make it more likely that healthy babies are aborted at home for any reason, including sex-selective purposes, up to birth.

Polling undertaken by ComRes, shows that only 1% of women support introducing abortion up to birth and that 91% of women agree that sex-selective abortion should be explicitly banned by the law.

Please click the button below to contact your MP now and ask them to vote no to these extreme changes to our law. It only takes 30 seconds using our easy-to-use tool.