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Politician receives death threats after voting pro-life

SNP MP Dr Lisa Cameron has received a death threat against an elderly relative following her voting against a Bill that would deny women practical and emotional support outside abortion clinics.

The Bill passed by 213 votes to 47 last month, but as a Ten Minute Rule Motion it is unlikely to become law.

Dr Cameron’s vote against the measure was the only vote cast by the party, while Rosie Cooper was the only Labour MP to reject the proposal.

Following the vote, Dr Cameron said she received a Facebook message from a person who called her a “fat slag” and said they planned on killing one of her elderly relatives.

Responding to the message she told Christian Today: “I am concerned by the actions of those who have whipped up hatred and toxic aggression online in recent weeks following from my conscience votes on abortion and particularly distressed to have once again received a death threat towards my family.”

The message has been reported to the police, who are now investigating the issue.

However, Dr Cameron’s role as the SNP’s spokesperson on mental health has also been called into question by the abortion lobby, despite working as a clinical psychologist in mental health for over 20 years prior to becoming an MP.

Responding to criticisms from abortion activists, Dr Cameron MP told The National: “This was entirely a conscience vote by proxy, submitted on my behalf by the SNP Chief Whip, and it was also commensurate with the parliamentary review that national buffer zones are not a proportionate response, as legislation already exists to restrict protest activities that cause harm to others.”

Dr Cameron’s position on opposing buffer zones has widespread support which goes beyond pro-life advocates to a large part of society, which may not agree on the pro-life position on abortion, but oppose censorship zones because they infringe on free speech.

A number of prominent human rights groups and campaigners, all of whom support abortion, have also spoken out against the introduction of censorship zones.

This includes Peter Tatchell, the Manifesto Club, Big Brother Watch, Index on Censorship and the Freedom Association.

This isn’t the first time the MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow has received abuse and faced calls for her to be sacked following voting to protect unborn babies and their right to life.

Last year, Dr Cameron revealed her office had received more than 900 abusive messages after she voted against an amendment which has forced an extreme abortion regime on Northern Ireland.

In addition, the pro-life vote almost prevented Dr Cameron from being re-selected as an MP candidate in last year’s general election despite first winning the seat in 2015 with a majority of 16,527.

Dr Cameron, who has previously disclosed that her tragic experience of undergoing two very late-term miscarriages helped form her pro-life views, was the last SNP MP to be reselected.

She was re-elected as an MP with a majority of 13,322 and 23.7% more votes than her nearest competitor.

A spokesperson for Right To Life UK, Catherine Robinson said:

“Dr Lisa Cameron has once again been targeted with vitriolic abuse and intolerant hatred by the abortion lobby, who are seeking to force pro-life MPs like her out of politics. 

“Sadly, MPs who vote pro-life do so at an increasing personal cost to themselves with rising attacks from the media, threats of deselection and abuse faced from the general public. Unfortunately, in the case of Lisa Cameron, recent intimidation tactics have literally become life-threatening. 

“Despite this, our analysis of the 2019 election found the number of pro-life MPs in parliament has significantly increased, while the pro-abortion lobby has lost a large number of MPs.

“We are, therefore, urging all those in favour of allowing conscience votes to email the Westminster leader for the SNP, Ian Blackford and the Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, outlining their support for Dr Cameron.”

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