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Pledge update (General Election)

Thanks to the help of thousands of people like you around the country who have asked friends and family to email their MP candidates, an amazing 255 MP candidates have now signed the Both Lives Pledge! (You can access our easy-to-use tool by clicking here. It only takes 30 seconds).

With just 10 days to go until the General Election (4 July), our next milestone is to get 275 candidates to sign the pledge, which we are aiming to hit by midnight this Wednesday (26 June).  We have just 20 pledges remaining before we hit this goal.

progress pledge


Please take action now and click the button below to message at least one person over WhatsApp who can help out by asking their local MP candidates to sign the Both Lives Pledge (you will be able to see the message before you send it).

As you can see, this campaign is having a big impact – thank you for your continuing efforts in asking friends and family to help.