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Thank you and next steps

Thank you to everyone who invited their local politicians to the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group’s parliamentary event on Tuesday. 

There was a very good turnout of MPs, peers, MSs, MLAs and MSPs who attended the event to hear experts cover the latest evidence on how ‘DIY’ home abortions are placing women at risk. 

We have put up an article on Right To Life News which covers full details of the event and includes a video of the event. You can view the article and video here.


There is considerable concern from among medical professionals about the safety and safeguarding risks with ‘DIY’ home abortion. 

We are therefore working with a group of medical professionals to get as many names as possible on an open letter to the Prime Minister, the First Minister of Scotland and the First Minister of Wales calling on ‘home use’ abortion schemes to be revoked with immediate effect in order to protect the welfare of women. 

If you are a medical professional, please do click the button below to sign the letter.

If you are not a medical professional, you can still help. If you know of any sympathetic medical professionals please do let them know about the letter and encourage them to sign it.

Thank you for your ongoing support.