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Meacher’s assisted suicide by stealth

IN A speech from the floor of the House of Lords shortly before Christmas, Lady Meacher revealed her intention to hijack the Health and Social Care Bill to legalise assisted suicide.

‘Crucial to high-quality palliative care is the patient’s right to choose at the very end of life, and the Bill needs to play its part in this area – we cannot afford not to,’ said the baroness, who, when not campaigning for the decriminalisation of drugs, also serves as the chair of Dignity in Dying, the campaigning organisation formerly known as the Voluntary Euthanasia Society.

She prefaced her words by informing peers that such measures were necessary to save the NHS which, she said, was suffering ‘the greatest workforce stress since its inception’, with staff burnt out, retiring early, ‘leaving the service mid-career, reducing their hours, or planning one or other of these steps in terrifying numbers’.

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