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Major victory in Malta

As you may already know, Malta has had full legal protection for the unborn child, but has come under intense international pressure over the last year to remove these protections.

This resulted in the Maltese Government bringing forward a radical piece of legislation that would have seen Malta go from being the only country in Europe with full protection for the unborn child to having one of the most extreme abortion regimes in the world.

As the Maltese Labour Government have a majority in Parliament and it has been very rare that MPs have defied the Labour whip and voted against Government legislation, it looked like it was inevitable that the legislation would pass and become law.

But pro-lifers decided that this would not happen on their watch and mounted the biggest pro-life campaign in Maltese history, which resulted in a major victory.

We have just published a magazine-style explainer article on our website that tells the amazing story of how pro-lifers in Malta achieved this victory and defeated this extreme piece of legislation.

We highly recommend reading this article. Not only does it give full details on how this victory was achieved in Malta but it will also provide inspiration for all pro-lifers in the UK and abroad.

Our team spoke to a number of the pro-life campaigners involved with the campaign, as well as conducting our own research to put together a full account of this victory.

This is part of our usual process following a major victory or defeat abroad so that we can learn what worked and what didn’t on these campaigns.

While we face a very different environment in the UK to countries abroad, this process helps us learn from what has been done overseas and enables us to improve our work as an organisation here in the UK.

This time, our team was so impressed with the victory in Malta that we thought it would be worth sharing a detailed report with you of how the victory was achieved.

For this article, we are trialling a new magazine-style format.

The idea with this new format is to provide a more in-depth account of an issue, that is accessible and beautifully formatted with accompanying imagery and videos that bring the issue to life, in the style that you would see in a magazine or a long-form feature piece in the weekend edition of a major newspaper such at the Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph or Observer.

This new format allows us to go into much more depth on an issue than we do with our shorter news pieces on the Right To Life News platform.

Once you have read the piece, if you have a moment, it would be great to hear what you think of the piece and the new format. You can do this by sending an email to us at and writing a few lines outlining your thoughts.

We will then share your input with our wider team and we can look at improving the format so that it can help further our work to change more hearts and minds on life issues.

Thank you for your ongoing support.