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Lord Morrow and Baroness O’Loan: Parliament’s new Northern Ireland abortion law undermines Stormont

In July the Westminster Parliament treated Northern Ireland with a level of contempt never witnessed before, imposing very controversial abortion law changes on Northern Ireland, even though they knew that the matter was devolved and that the democratically elected Northern Ireland Assembly had voted as recently as 2016 by a clear cross community majority not to change our abortion law.

Every single Member of Parliament representing a Northern Ireland constituency who takes their seat in Parliament voted against the clause.

Those behind the change argued that it was justified because they were responding to a legal human rights imperative. They said that the UN had said that the law in Northern Ireland was not human rights compliant.

This was not true. It was a small unelected, non-judicial committee established to monitor the application of the UN Convention on the Elimination Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), which had indeed made comment about our abortion laws.

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