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Lord Alton’s take on the Roe v Wade decision leak

We just wanted to share this excellent opinion piece from Lord Alton which has been published this morning:

You have likely seen a deluge of commentators in the UK decrying the position outlined in the leaked decision.

In his piece, Lord Alton clears up many of the mistruths and misformation that have been circulated about the leaked decision. 

It also covers a number of other helpful points that will likely be useful for any conversations you are having on this topic – looking at where the polling shows people in the US and the UK sit on the abortion issue, and reflecting on the implications of the decision for the debate on abortion here in the UK. 

We also wanted to share an explainer piece we have written on the case for our contacts in the media – this provides a simple outline of what has happened and also includes links to a number of other well-written opinion pieces on the case that are worth taking a look at:

This explainer piece should also be helpful for sharing with friends or for using as a starting point for any conversations that come up on the case.