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Hiring for pro-life positions in London

Recently, an attempt to introduce an extreme abortion law to England and Wales by hijacking the Domestic Abuse Bill was defeated in Parliament.

While this was a great victory, this is not the end of the abortion lobby’s campaign to introduce an extreme abortion law. We are now expecting another attempt ahead of the 2024 election from the abortion lobby to bring forward a similarly extreme change to abortion law. Unfortunately we are also expecting the assisted suicide lobby to attempt, once again, to try to introduce assisted suicide over this period.

This means we will be facing battles on two major fronts, likely at the same time.

We are now working on ensuring that we have all the key infrastructure in place to be able to defeat both these upcoming attempts – and ensure that we don’t just react to our opposition, but are continuing to move forward with all our other vital proactive work across education, media, public affairs and grassroots, to deliver positive change to policy and culture which will save lives and support women with unplanned pregnancies.


As part of our preparations, we are now hiring for a number of positions across education, media, public affairs, digital and operations.

We are looking for highly-skilled, hard-working, professional individuals to join us to ensure we have the right team in place.

If this is of interest to you or if you know of anyone that would be suitable for one of the positions, please click the button below to view the roles we are looking to hire for and learn how to apply.