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Exciting news – Both Lives Pledge update

With just under 2 weeks to go until the General Election (4 July), 228 MP candidates have signed the Both Lives Pledge

If you haven’t emailed your MP candidates to ask them to sign the Both Lives Pledge and find out where they stand on abortion, please take action and contact them using our easy-to-use tool by clicking here. It only takes 30 seconds.

Thanks to the help of thousands of people like you around the country who have asked friends, family and their wider network to write to their candidates asking them to sign the Both Lives Pledge, we have gone well beyond our first milestone of 200 candidates and now have 228 candidates who have signed the pledge!

Our next milestone is to get 250 candidates to sign the pledge, which we are aiming to hit by midnight on this Sunday (23 June).  

We now have just 22 to go – but we can only hit this target with your help.

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TAKE ACTION (Help us get this over the line)

The most effective way you can play a part in ensuring we hit this next milestone is by encouraging more of your friends, family and wider network to write to their MP candidates.

The more emails that MP candidates receive, the more likely they will be to sign the pledge. 

Even if your local MP candidates have signed, please encourage friends in your area to email them. This will leave no doubt in their minds of the importance of the issue and that they have the support of their community.

Please take action now and forward this email to at least ten additional people who can help out by asking their local MP candidates to sign the Both Lives Pledge – or message at least ten people over WhatsApp by clicking the button below:

The more friends, family and people from your wider network you can share this with, the quicker we can reach this next milestone of 250 by midnight this Sunday (23 June), and ensure this pledge has as great an impact as possible ahead of the election.