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‘DIY’ abortion amendment vote

We just wanted to update you to let you know that, unfortunately, MPs have just voted by 215 votes to 188 in support of the amendment to the Health and Care Bill to overturn the Government’s decision to end ‘DIY’ home abortion schemes.

This means that ‘DIY’ home abortion schemes will be allowed to run in the future.

This is a great loss for the unborn and will likely have a strong negative impact on the physical and emotional health of women.

It appears that the majority of those MPs who voted to make ‘DIY’ abortion permanent were Labour MPs. Although Labour MPs were not officially whipped on this vote, it appears that a letter that went out to Labour MPs yesterday from Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, which strongly “encouraged” them to vote in support of the amendment, contributed to the outcome today.

We are currently collating the final details on how each MP voted and will have that information up on our Where Do They Stand MP voting record platform as Parliament releases its data on the vote.


There is already a huge amount of evidence that has been collected demonstrating the harms that these schemes have caused.

The abortion lobby has done everything it can to suppress this evidence as much as possible ahead of this vote. 

We know that the mainstream media outlets that have tried to publish stories exposing issues with the ‘DIY’ home abortion schemes have come under strong pressure from abortion providers to not publish these stories.

As more and more women are harmed by these schemes, it will be harder and harder for abortion providers to be able to pressure media outlets to not run stories on the harm caused by these dangerous schemes.

On this front, we will now be working on collecting this data through Freedom of Information requests, sourcing personal testimonies, asking MPs to submit Parliamentary questions etc. to expose the harms that these ‘DIY’ abortion schemes are causing, so that we can build momentum to have these dangerous schemes ended.

We will need your help on this. 

If you hear of anyone who has used a ‘DIY’ abortion service, has been harmed and is prepared to share their story, or if you know of malpractice taking place at an abortion provider, please do let us know at

Thank you for your ongoing support