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Censorship zone consultation

Northern Ireland Green Party Leader, Clare Bailey, has brought forward a bill to the Northern Ireland Assembly that would introduce ‘censorship zones’. This change in the law would make it illegal to offer assistance or support outside abortion clinics and hospitals offering abortions in Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland Committee for Health is undertaking a consultation on the Bill and is seeking submissions from the public.

It is important that as many people as possible submit to the consultation making it clear that they oppose the Bill to clearly show that there is widespread opposition to this change in the law. 

It’s also vital that this Bill does not become law for the rest of the country, as a change in law in Northern Ireland would put much pressure on England, Wales and Scotland to introduce ‘censorship zones’.


Today we have launched a tool that makes it easy to make your submission quickly. Please click the button below to make your submission now.

Once you have made your submission, please do encourage friends and family to make a submission too.