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Breaking: pro-life victory 🎉

We wanted to quickly share some brilliant news with you.

Diana Johnson MP’s amendment (NC50) has not gone to a vote. This amendment would have changed the Offences Against the Person Act so that the current medical and legal safeguards, which prevent a woman from performing her own abortion without the involvement of a registered abortion provider, would have been removed through to 28 weeks.

This is a great victory.

Thank you to the thousands of people that rallied over the weekend to get friends and family to email their MPs.

Thank you also to our supporters who have given so generously to enable us to have the resources in place to run a large campaign against this amendment. 


We have some further good news for you. 

There was also strong support for the three pro-life amendments that were tabled to the Bill.

The amendments proposed a reduction to the abortion time limit, a ban on sex-selective abortion, and an end to abortion up to birth for disabilities including Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and club foot.

As these amendments were probing amendments, they were not voted on, but a large number of MPs across different parties showed their support for these amendments by signing them. There was also some excellent mainstream media coverage of these amendments.

Thank you to everyone who wrote to their MPs asking them to support these amendments.

This has significantly raised the profile of these law changes among MPs and taken us a step closer to making these changes to abortion law, which would save many lives.

If your MP replied indicating whether they would support or oppose these amendments, please do send their responses to us. That data will then be used to shape our Public Affairs team’s interactions around these law changes with these MPs over the coming year.


We wanted to thank everyone who has sent in their condolences after the death of pro-life MP Sir David Amess. 

Today, Sir David’s funeral was held at Westminster Cathedral. 

While our Public Affairs team was busy working ahead of the debates this afternoon, and sadly could not attend, a group of Right To Life UK patrons, trustees and supporters including Lord Alton of Liverpool, Ann Widdecombe, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP and Chris Whitehouse attended the Requiem Mass.  

A wreath was laid at the funeral on behalf of Right To Life UK and their supporters. 

Further information on the funeral and Sir David Amess has been published in an article on our news service which you can view by clicking here.


Unfortunately, this is not the end when it comes to the abortion lobby’s plans to make changes to abortion legislation. We know they will be back soon with their next attempt, so you will need to be ready to ensure there is a strong response from the public against their next attempt.

In the meantime, thank you again for all your help in achieving this significant victory – and make sure you celebrate tonight!

Thank you for your ongoing support.