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Ask your MP to oppose imposing an extreme abortion law on Northern Ireland

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it along to the Both Lives Matter 100,000 lives media event on Tuesday.

As you may have seen, we managed to get a large amount of media coverage of the event. The Both Lives Matter spokespeople for the event were interviewed by the BBC, Channel 4 news, Al Jazeera and Sky News. In addition to this, there was coverage included in over 100 mainstream media print/digital pieces including articles in The Times, Guardian, New York Times and Independent.

We have put together a video of the day which is well worth watching and sharing, you can watch it below. There are also more photos of the day available by clicking here.

With abortion campaigners increasing pressure on Westminster to impose abortion on Northern Ireland, it’s very important that MPs are aware that this would be deeply unpopular with many of their constituents.

It’s all important that they are reminded of the key arguments against undermining devolution and imposing an extreme abortion law on Northern Ireland – along with the impact these proposals would have on abortion legislation in England and Wales.

We have set-up an ’email your MP’ function which will allow you to do this in around 30-seconds. Please click the button below to contact your MP on this important issue.

[mk_button dimension=”flat” size=”large” url=”” align=”center”]Click here to email your MP now[/mk_button]