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“Are you excited?” Influencer makes viral video about grandmother ending life through euthanasia

A model and influencer has posted a viral video on social media about her grandmother’s planned euthanasia.

The Texas-based influencer, Ali Tate Cutler, who describes herself as a “self love coach” posted the video, which has garnered over 3 million views. In the video, titled “Bubbie answering questions on Euthanasia”, reportedly shot in Vancouver, Cutler asks her grandmother a series of questions about her plans to end her life through euthanasia.

In the video, Cutler asks “What are your thoughts as you like move closer to the date?”

“It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel”, her grandmother replied.

“What are some of the precursors?”, Cutler wanted to know. “Like the questions they asked to make sure you’re doing it for the right reason”.

“Your diagnosis is if it’s fatal, how many more months you have; they give you time to consider. They keep stressing the fact that you can always change your mind”, her grandmother explained.

She asks her grandmother “Are you nervous? Are you excited? How do you feel?”

Her grandmother answers “Looking forward to it, just putting an end to being dependent. No control”.

“an utter lack of understanding [of] the gravity of a situation.”

Her grandmother also explains that she would rather die in the hospital than at home and describes the manner in which her life will be ended.

“[There’s an] initial injection putting you to sleep… and then once you’re in a deep sleep, there are two other injections.”

In a separate video, a caption reads “My grandmother has chosen euthanasia for her terminal diagnosis, so this is the last time I can take her out for dinner.”

In response to the video, one Twitter user said “It just shows an utter lack of understanding [of] the gravity of a situation.”

“This woman’s final days deserve to be more than to be made into a TikTok/Instagram Video for her Granddaughter’s views.”

Right To Life UK spokesperson Catherine Robinson said “It is sad to see this granddaughter and grandmother making a spectacle out of death. We know from the experience of Canada, that many people end their lives for non-medical reasons such as a perceived loss of dignity or out of a sense of loneliness. These problems are not treated by death. Instead, people who are suffering in these ways need assistance to live, not to die.”

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