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Action alert – Find out local MP candidates’ positions on euthanasia / assisted suicide

We have just launched our second 2024 General Election campaign – the Vote To Do No Harm campaign.

After the general election, the assisted suicide lobby, led by pressure group Dignity in Dying, is likely to make a major attempt to introduce assisted suicide.

The Vote To Do No Harm campaign’s main goal is to get as many people as possible to ask their MP candidates to sign the End-of-Life Protection Pledge. 

Candidates who sign the pledge commit to vote against any attempts to introduce assisted suicide or euthanasia and support the provision of better palliative care for people at the end of their lives.

Please take action and click the button below to ask your local candidates to sign the End-of-Life Protection Pledge. It only takes 30 seconds.

We have launched a separate pledge on this issue as many candidates take a different view on assisted suicide from that which they take on abortion. 

Keeping the pledge on this separate means you, as a voter, will have clear information on exactly where your MP candidates stand on both issues. It will also be useful for the Right To Life UK Public Affairs team to have this data on new candidates, so we know who is opposed to assisted suicide among the new parliamentary intake.

Once you have asked your candidates to sign the pledge, please encourage as many friends and family as you can to ask their candidates to sign the pledge. You can do this by sharing the pledge via email, WhatsApp or on social media.

We have also recently launched our Right To Life News WhatsApp channel, where we will keep you updated with daily pro-life news updates. Click here to give it a try now (WhatsApp channels don’t show your number or name to other followers).