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Action alert – Bill receives First Reading, ask your MP to sign EDM 521

Today the Abortion (Cleft Lip, Cleft Palate and Clubfoot) Bill received a First Reading. This was a short procedure that took place after Prime Minister’s Questions where Fiona Bruce MP presented the Bill to the Commons. This Bill will change the law to clarify that cleft palate, cleft lip, and clubfoot are not grounds for abortion in the UK.

You may have seen there has been a large amount of positive media coverage around the Bill in the national media and some coverage in outlets overseas since it was launched, including articles in the Sunday Times, Sun on Sunday and the Guardian. 

We are also seeing a large amount of support for the Bill building online from people with these conditions along with support from the wider public. Thank you to everyone who is helping get the word out about the Bill by sharing Stand Up and Smile campaign content on social media.


To coincide with First Reading of the Bill, Carla Lockhart MP is leading a group of MPs who have launched an Early Day Motion which MPs can sign to show their support for the Abortion (Cleft Lip, Cleft Palate and Clubfoot) Bill.

We are aiming to get as many MPs as possible to sign this Early Day Motion (EDM 521) so that we can demonstrate to Parliament and the Government that there is strong support for the Bill.

It would be very helpful if you could contact your MP to ask them to sign this Early Day Motion.

We have updated the pre-written email on the email MP function on our website with new text asking your MP to sign the Early Day Motion. Please click the button to email your MP on this now. It only takes 30 seconds.

Once you have emailed your MP, please do let friends and family know to email their MP.  

Thank you for your help on this.