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Action alert 🔥 Ask Peers to oppose assisted suicide amendment next week

Lord Forsyth has re-tabled his amendment to the Health and Care Bill that would force the Government to lay an assisted suicide bill before Parliament within a year of the Health and Care Bill passing into law.

We expect this amendment to be debated next week – and there is a possibility that Lord Forsyth will take it to a vote.


It is vital that as many Peers as possible oppose this amendment.

It will be most useful at this stage if Peers receive physical letters from members of the public asking them to oppose this amendment.

We have launched an easy-to-use tool on our website that drafts a  custom letter for you that includes evidence that makes a strong case for opposing this dangerous amendment. Once you have reviewed the letter, you simply need to print it and send it via post to the Peer that you have been assigned by the tool. If you do not have a printer, you are welcome to copy the letter out by hand and post it to your assigned Peer.

We realise that will take some more time than the usual actions that we ask you to take, but at this stage, physical letters will likely have the best chance of persuading Peers on this issue – and the tool makes it very easy to send a letter.

Please click the button below to send a letter to Peers now. 

Please take action now. The debate and vote is likely to be next week, so please send your letters in the post as soon as possible to ensure that they arrive with Peers in time.

Thank you for your ongoing support.