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Abortion “a rite of passage into motherhood” claims “Honouring abortion” event organiser

An event is being held in Australia to “honour abortion as a rite of passage into motherhood”.

To be held in Sydney later this year the event is titled “Honouring Abortion ~ A Healing Circle + Ceremony” and describes abortion as “[m]any women’s initiation into motherhood”.

In the online advert for the event, the organiser says “Together in circle, we will honour abortion as a rite of passage into motherhood”.

The organiser says that “[s]urrounding [abortion] there may be unacknowledged grief, shame, silence, confusion, disbelief or shock”.

At the same time as “honouring abortion”, the event purports to give those present a chance to “honour the unborn” and describes abortion as a rite of passage.

Abortion regret

Many women who have had abortions say they regret them after the fact. 

In a BBC interview in 2019 on the Victoria Derbyshire programme, a woman said that she “wasn’t well informed… when I came out of Marie Stopes… the first thing that went through my mind was ‘Where’s my baby, what’s happened to the body of my baby?’ And I kept asking myself that question”.

After the abortion, she was escorted to the recovery room by a nurse. She was “sobbing” because she was in so much pain and the nurse said to her, “You silly girl, don’t you know what you’ve done?”.

The woman said how that put a shockwave through her system and made her so depressed.

Pro-life activist, Rachel Mackenzie, has talked about her personal experience of having two abortions. She told marchers at March for Life in Dublin last September “I know what abortion regret feels like, like countless others do. It’s time that politicians acknowledged that people like me exist”.

Right To Life UK spokesperson Catherine Robinson said “This is a strange and sad event which simultaneously recognises that abortion is a tragic event whilst also suggesting that it should be honoured”.

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