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Share your story and help stop assisted suicide

The campaign to legalise assisted suicide in the UK is gathering pace. Baroness Meacher’s Assisted Dying Bill is currently progressing through the House of Lords, and the pro-assisted suicide lobby have been increasing pressure on peers to support this dangerous bill.

Peers need to know that any assisted suicide law would be fundamentally unsafe and that now is the time to invest in better palliative and end-of-life care instead.

We are asking for members of the public to send in their compelling personal stories of the powerful benefits of palliative and end-of-life care, and of the dangers of assisted suicide.

We would like peers to read about these types of experiences as they consider the bill:

  • A negative experience of travelling, or attempting to travel, to Dignitas in Switzerland (or another clinic) to seek assisted suicide

  • An experience of pressure from family members, friends, doctors, or others to consider assisted suicide

  • An experience of considering and/or seeking assisted suicide because of a sense of being a burden on family, friends, or others

  • Living longer than expected following a poor prognosis of life expectancy with a terminal illness

  • A positive experience of palliative or other end-of-life care following a diagnosis of terminal illness

If you, or someone you know, has a compelling personal story that fits, please provide full details through this easy-to-use tool below.

Any story, no matter how big or small it might seem, could be critical to the fight against assisted suicide in the Lords. These positive experiences of end-of-life care and negative experiences around assisted suicide will be very helpful to shaping the views of peers on this bill and convincing them to reject this extreme and dangerous proposal.

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Share your story and help stop assisted suicide

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