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Send a letter to Peers to oppose assisted suicide


Send a letter to Peers to oppose assisted suicide

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The email we have just sent to you includes three letters to Peers as an attachment. Simply print these off and send them to the Peers listed.

IMPORTANT: The debate is likely to be early next week, so it is best if you can post your letters in time for them to arrive by this Friday 4 March in order for Peers to read your letters in advance of the debate.

Next week, the House of Lords will debate an amendment to the Health and Care Bill at Report Stage that would force the Government to lay an assisted suicide bill before Parliament within a year of the Health and Care Bill passing into law.

If passed, it would then be debated in the House of Commons and potentially passed into law. This would be give huge momentum to the assisted suicide campaign and make it much more likely that assisted suicide would be legalised in the UK.

It is imperative that as many Peers as possible speak and vote against assisted suicide next weekl. This is the perfect opportunity for Peers to highlight that assisted suicide is unnecessary, dangerous, and extreme, and that any such amendment should be opposed. The other side is well-funded and well-organised, and they will do their best to fill the chamber with advocates for assisted suicide. We need to show that there is substantial public and parliamentary opposition to ever introducing assisted suicide in this country.

Lord Forsyth’s amendment, if added to the Health and Care Bill, would hijack the Government’s agenda and force the Government to introduce a law to bring in assisted suicide with very few details about how it would operate and even fewer details of the safeguards essential to protect vulnerable people.

It is an attempt to build upon Baroness Meacher’s assisted suicide bill, introduced last year, which would allow for someone who is terminally ill to request and be provided with a lethal prescription of assisted suicide drugs. That proposal ignores that it is difficult to accurately predict the outcome of a terminal illness, specifically the amount of time one will live with such a diagnosis. For example, research has found that the accuracy of prognoses for terminal illness can range from 78% to a mere 23%.

Furthermore, comparisons with the small number of jurisdictions that have legalised assisted suicide reveal that the recourse to life-ending treatment becomes increasingly normalised over time, often in contradiction to the original rhetoric, and has led to some of these jurisdictions allowing the youth and those with mental and non-terminal illnesses to access assisted suicide.

No doctors’ groups in the UK support changing the law, including the British Medical Association, the Royal College of General Practitioners, the Royal College of Physicians, the British Geriatric Society, and the Association for Palliative Medicine.

Please enter your postcode in the box above to send a letter to Peers asking them to oppose the assisted suicide amendment next week.

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Send a letter to Peers to oppose assisted suicide