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Act now to stop the ‘DIY’ abortion services which have killed two women

Act now to stop the ‘DIY’ abortion services which have killed two women
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An NHS whistleblower has leaked an email that reveals that two women have died after using ‘DIY’ home abortion services.

One woman died “very quickly” with sepsis whilst seeking urgent care at a hospital’s accident and emergency department after taking ‘DIY’ abortion pills. A second woman was found dead at home the morning after starting the medical abortion process. The leaked email also revealed that there is a murder investigation underway into the death of a baby delivered alive after a woman used the ‘DIY’ abortion service.

Since ‘DIY’ abortions services were temporarily allowed by the Government on 30 March, a number of significant problems have arisen. 

A nationwide undercover investigation found evidence of abortion providers putting women at significant risk by not carrying out basic checks before sending them ‘DIY’ home abortion pills. The study also discovered ‘DIY’ home abortion pills can easily be obtained and administered to others, potentially in a coercive manner, as more shocking abuses from the undercover investigation have come to light.

In May, it was revealed that UK police were investigating the death of an unborn baby after its mother took ‘DIY’ home abortion pills while 28 weeks pregnant. In addition, abortion provider BPAS announced that it was investigating a further eight cases of women taking ‘DIY’ home abortion pills beyond the 10-week limit, raising questions over what checks are being conducted to ensure the law isn’t being broken and dangerous later-term abortions aren’t happening. 

Further information on the major issues with the ‘DIY’ abortion service are available here.

Please enter your postcode above to email your MP now asking them to write to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, asking him to end the ‘DIY’ abortion service immediately and begin a full investigation into the deaths of these two women along with the many other issues with the service. 

Act now to stop the ‘DIY’ abortion services which has killed two women